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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mitsubishi L200 Versatile Pick-Up

Mitsubishi has unveiled an all-new description of its mulch-award winning L200 pick-up. Audacity theatrical Dakar Rally-inspired styling, a good-looking new cabin and enhanced heavy dynamics, the new L200 looks set to construct on the profitable and dangerous achievement of its precursor.

Over 54,000 examples of the preceding age group L200 have been sold in the UK since 1998 and even in its run-out stage; Mitsubishi sustained to safe 38% of the whole sector. Furthermore, the L200 can maintain liability for a huge enlargement in the UK spontaneous marketplace.

Engine Features:
All L200 variants are motorized by Mitsubishi's 4D55 2.5-liter turbocharged plus inter cooled diesel engine, featuring 16 valves ambitious by dual in the clouds camshafts and a common-rail straight injection system for exact fuel release, lower use and emissions. Warrior and Barbarian models are ready with a high-power version, for improved performance. Novel for the 2010 Model Year, the talented automatic broadcast found in the Shogun is now obtainable for L200. This 5-speed unit provides flat gear changes and enhanced fuel economy during motorway driving. Its electronic control can adapt to your driving style, while the Sports form facility offers clutch less physical gear shifting for instant reply.

Within the Cabin:
The dashboard is complete up of plastic with stylishly styled wheel and athletic steering wheel, which give a solid feel. It has air conditioner with no type of weather manage feature, and it has good arrive at as well as scrape direction-finding change from side to side which, driver's chair can be attuned manually. There is a space at the rear for with no trouble helpful three adults and the back window can also be lowered so that you can right of entry the weight deck with no trouble. In general, the build excellence is outstanding, and it offers excellent space too.

The high-performance mimic Blue tooth interface system, included with the Ken wood multimedia unit, allows safer hands-free process of a well-matched mobile phone whilst heavy, employing voice credit technology. It offers a host of higher skin, and is able of storing the phone books as of up to five well-matched handsets for even better expediency.

Trouble-free Select 4WD:
Twice Cab 4WD 2.5 Inter cooled Turbocharged Diesel merely Enabling flat manage from the soothe of the driver's seat, this 4WD scheme uses three move mode to bring quick driving soothe and ensure better grip on a diversity of demanding surface. When successful the roughest terrain, move flanked by 4H and 4L only with the L200 completely stopped up. You can move on the fly flanked by 2H and 4H at speeds of up to 100km/h, gratitude to the glide front degree of difference.

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