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Monday, October 31, 2011

How To Tell The Difference Between Good Truck Tarps And Other Materials

Good truck tarps are going to have a mesh count in the upper end of the range and be of a heavier denier than other tarps. These tarps are made at a weight of 6.5 ounces per square yard and at 1200 denier with a mesh count of 14x14, all that adds up to strength you can count on.

This style of tarp is manufactured with the long-haul trucker in mind; a heavy-duty coat of polyethylene ensures the protection of your cargo from the wind and weather. The covering is made to be tear resistant, mildew resistant, and acid resistant, offering you even more protection.

Due to truckers journeys across the country, they understand the importance of protecting their cargo. Having the right truck tarps to cover the goods is essential. Trucking industries depend on heavy duty material that will last season after season. The thickness of the material, thread count, the spacing of the grommets and the poly coating of the tarp are all factors that assure the material will last longer. These are the factors that truckers need to pay attention to when shopping for quality tarp covers that need to withstand heavy weather and long term conditions.

With heat-sealed interior seams on this model, there are no worries of the seams coming apart. All of the hems are reinforced with a heavy-duty 1/4-inch triple-braided rope. Double stitching in hems, corners, and seams make these tarpaulins the strongest on the market.

D rings in a 1" size on nylon webbing, set every 2 inches ensures you will be able to fasten off the covering as necessary. Having a load unsecured is a safety hazard and an unnecessary danger that can cause accidents. Secure it as tight as you want with super heavy-duty tarpaulins that are constructed specifically with big rigs and large flat beds in mind.

If you are transporting a dangerously heavy load and need the strongest tarp on the market, then you need one of those steel tarpaulins. They are not made of steel, but they are made to be incredibly heavy duty, durable and of the best quality materials. There are 2 rows of D rings along each side that are sewn under rows of 2-inch seat-belt webbing and placed every 24 inches. Whether you are looking for light-duty truck bed tarpaulins or extreme steel heavy-duty commercial truck tarps, there are reputable online suppliers that have the best product available on the market.

Michael Stein is the president of Tarps Plus and is an expert on tarps and the tarp industry.

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