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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Different Factors One Should Consider While Buying Trucks

If you are looking to buy a new truck you will be considering the many aspects to be considered. If you analyze all these aspects beforehand you will surely get an excellent truck fulfilling all your requirements. You will find various types of trucks for sale. You have to be very careful about in your choice. The different aspects you should consider before buying trucks are -

Size or Market Segment

Mostly the trucks come under either the full-size or compact category. Compact one could be considered a relative term in the present time. Most of the full-size trucks can be obtained in the heavy-duty guise.

Cab Designs

Each manufacturer generally has its snazzy name for their trucks. But, the body styles basically for trucks are regular cab, crew cab and extended cab. The regular cabs possess two doors and seat between 2 and 3 adults. The extended cabs are compact and provide mostly additional storage space. Full-size versions have the capacity to seat 3 extra passengers. Rear clamshell doors provide easiness for getting cargo and people in and out at back of the extended cabs. But a few have smaller, front-hinged doors. The crew cabs possess 4 full sized doors as well as comfortable seats for between 5 and 6 passengers.

Engine and Fuel Economy

The compact trucks come in 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines and offer a variety for different buyers. Several full-sized trucks come in 6-cylinder engines on the base models. But mostly trucks make use of V8 or V10 engines which return marginal fuel-economy figures at best. The heavy-duty full-sized trucks have diesel engines which give lots of towing power as well as better mileage.


Mostly trucks give basic safety equipment such as seatbelts and front airbags for all passengers. Stability control and side curtain airbags are commonplace now on the full sized models. Few compact models have poor performance in the crash tests. People should be careful of the rear jump seats which aren't made to offer protection to anybody in case of a crash.


Mostly all the trucks give both automatic and manual transmissions, plus two- and four-wheel drive. Several vehicles also give traction-aiding devices such as locking differentials, limited-slip or electronic traction control.

Versatility of Interior Seats

Mostly trucks could be equipped with bucket seats or 3-person front bench. The crew or extended cabs give the option to fold the complete rear seat up, or one half at least. Some latest full-sized trucks permit you folding the front-passenger seat flat and this gives a table like, handy surface.

Towing Ability

The compact trucks have the ability of towing from 3,000 to 7,000 pounds. It depends on the way they are equipped. The regular full-sized trucks have the ability of towing 12,000 pounds with particular suspension and engine configurations, though most range from 8,000 to 10,000 pound capacities. The heavy-duty full-sizers have the capability of hauling 24,000 pounds if they are equipped with fifth-wheel connection. One should properly analyze the axle ratios, which really matter in fuel economy and towing capacity.

The truck sales figures depend on these aspects. One should make a choice that completely suites his liking and requirement.

The article focuses on the different aspects which people should consider while sell my truck. The factors such as engine and fuel economy, safety, drivetrain, towing ability etc. are discussed in detail.

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