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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Purchase Used Boom Trucks - Take Your Business To New Heights

If you own a business that requires accessing work areas at considerable heights, you should purchase a boom truck that can help your crew reach those heights. These trucks are a much more reliable alternative to using ladders that are neither stable nor safe.

Whatever business you own, you can use a truck if your work requires attaining heights over 20'. Utility services, telecommunication services, tree service companies, electricians, cable contractors and constructions workers utilize these trucks. These days, maintenance professionals, window washers and painters are even seen making use of trucks to access the buildings where they work. Often fire fighters use boom trucks during an emergency when access to a multi-story building is required for rescue.

Boom Trucks are not limited to just Utility companies. trucks are used by a number of businesses to perform various jobs. During the holidays City parks and recreation crews can be seen using trucks to install decorations and lights. Companies who specialize in unusual outdoor decorations commonly use boom trucks to decorate buildings and large trees during the Holidays. Whether you own one of these businesses or any other, you should consider purchasing a truck if your business requires you to reach unusually high work areas.

Instead of risking the use of ladders or scissor lifts to reach a work area, a truck can be stabilized and the worker can be secured with a harness. Using these trucks is beneficial in so many ways since they can raise you to any height safely. This helps businesses perform their work more efficiently without the possibility of dangerous accidents which are common when you use ladders or other objects to climb to any height over 20'.

In addition, having a boom truck allows your business to not only take on projects that require reaching significant heights but also saves time and prevents any worry of working with hazardous equipment. The trucks are available in several different models and vary with the truck chassis size. Larger booms extending 60' or more would be considered heavy duty trucks. Booms in the mid-range of 41' are considered Medium Duty and Booms up to 29' are considered Light Duty. Pricing of these trucks is dependent on the category they belong to.

Boom trucks can be a significant equipment investment for any company. If your company doesn't require a fleet of vehicles, you should consider a used truck. You can find several dealers that offer used trucks for sale at competitive prices. You shouldn't, however, be tempted just by price. A refurbished truck that's just been repainted is not what you need as there's a possibility that it may not be mechanically sound.

Prior to purchasing a boom truck, you need to do some research on the company. Several companies offer fully reconditioned trucks. From power-washing and sandblasting to assembling the parts and thoroughly inspecting the mechanics, the company must offer trucks that meet all Federal and DOT inspections. Over the Internet, you can find such companies that offer quality boom trucks at reasonable prices.

On the website of one company in particular, you will come across a huge listing of used boom trucks along with full specifications. You can check out the different models and get the truck that is the best fit for your business. Before closing the deal on a used truck, you must make sure that dielectric testing, boom certification and testing has been performed as well as having a clear license and title.

This article has been written by an expert associated with I-80 Equipment, a premier company that offers an large variety of fully reconditioned used bucket trucks at affordable prices.

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