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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trucking Industry Waits for CSA Implications

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Rickey Gooch Rickey Gooch

By: Rickey Gooch

Two Days into CSA

At the Legal Benefits Group, Inc. phone center, they help drivers who need help disputing their CSA and PSP reports on the new DataQ System. Some carriers are helping their drivers, some drivers have figured it out on their own and for those who have no understanding of the DataQ, they provide the help needed.

But there is something else taking place on the phones. It’s drivers who have for what ever reason lost or quit their jobs just to find out that they can not get a job with another carrier because of past driving history. Just one infraction on their MVR and companies won’t take them. Another problem seems to be that some carriers believe that a drivers PSP score transfers with a driver if they hire that driver. That is not true. The PSP points stay with the carrier they have just left.

It took the FMCSA 5 years to roll out CSA. After 5 years you would think that the word, the information, the knowledge that drivers and carriers needed to know would have been properly taken care of? But no, carriers and drivers are floating down stream toward the largest water fall they have ever seen and the American public is going to go over the falls with them.

There are going to be thousands of drivers out of work this year because they were not paying enough attention. Carriers are going to be paying lots of fines and see a lot of down time for their fleets because they were not taking CSA serious enough. Who is at fault here?  The FMCSA.

CSA is so tough and is such a radical change in the regulations governing the trucking industry that the FMCSA actually held back on the strong language needed to get trucking’s attention. Because they did not strongly state the seriousness of CSA, the American consumer, the truck drivers and the carriers are going to have to pay with there hard earned money for all the FMCSA mistakes. All the jobs lost and all of the supply shortages that our country is going to face could have been avoided if the FMCSA had not been so soft on the explanation on how it would finally affect this industry.

The implementation of CSA that just took place is like the rumble before a massive earthquake hits. We know the damage is coming, we just don’t know who and where all of its going to hit and destroy.

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