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Saturday, March 5, 2011

CDL Driver Trainers Should be Held Liable for Actions

Abuse Truck Driver Trainers Abusive Truck Driver Trainers

The trucking industry continues to turn a blind eye on the abusive behavior of those truck driver trainers against trainees.  Trying their best to keep it secretive and to prevent these stories of abuse from making news, it is left to the trucking social media to continue emphasizing that these crimes against CDL truck driver trainees continue to occur.  Unfortunately, there are many more such incidents that take place that are never reported.  The most recent being the case involving the C. R. England driver trainer who threw out his female trainee, leaving her abandoned in New York.

These so-called “trainers” have received no formal education in actual “training.”  Although many are veteran drivers, they have only been given the title of trainer by their company.  Furthermore, once again, we witness the foul practice of placing women in a truck with a male trainer, both being complete strangers to one another with total  disregard to any background check.  This problem is bigger than anyone in a high position of the industry is willing to admit.  Most trainees will never utter a single word about their abuse, simply finding a way home and never look at trucking as a career again.

In the case of this criminal trainer for C. R. England, the spotlight is once again on these type of companies who continue to allow such behavior to take place.   For this driver to throw out a trainee from the truck would be assault.  To drive away with her belongings still in the truck would be theft.  The employer is responsible, in part, for the safety of their employees.  Placing her in a truck for 24/7 with a complete stranger and one who is obviously a nut-case, should justify endangerment.

Furthermore, this latest victim states that she called her dispatcher and informed her of the situation and danger and asked for help, yet the dispatcher allegedly told her that she needed to “suck it up.”  At this point, a company representative was made aware of the problem, therefore, the dispatcher should also be held accountable for endangerment.  Whatever the accountability is, an attorney would have to decide but it is ignorant dispatchers such as this who add to the problem of trainee abuse.

These worthless truck driver trainers need to be held liable for their criminal behavior and should face jail time. Should these allegations be proven to be true, then  C. R. England should be held accountable as well.  C. R. England advertises that you can become a trainer with as little as six months driving experience, yet the FMCSA and the industry itself sees no reason for safety concern.

When the abuse of driver trainees, especially female trainees was finally brought to the attention of the media by Trucker Desiree, it was met with sarcasm and verbal attacks.  This latest act of abuse to female truck driver trainees by a male trainer is one more example of the reality for many women wanting to become truck drivers.  This story almost became another obsolete one because she was not going to report or say anything about it because like many before her, her first thoughts were, “Nobody will believe me.”

Trucker Desiree interviewed this latest victim of CDL truck driver trainer abuse.  We will continue to hold these companies and trainers liable for their actions, since the trucking industry itself refuses to do so.  Their only concern is to smear and discredit the victim.

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