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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HireRight DAC Services Continues Truck Driver Falsification

Ariel view of HireRight DAC Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma Aerial view of HireRight DAC Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If a truck driver falsifies a commercial employment application it is considered a serious violation and could end their career.  If a truck driver falsifies their log book, it is in clear violation of 49 CFR §395.1, yet professional truck drivers are forced to violate all kinds of rules by many trucking companies in order to meet the pick up and delivery schedules.

Truck drivers are required to take a 10 hour break per the FMCSA HOS rules, yet states continue to close down rest areas, and truckers are pushed harder to meet deadlines.  The long haul trucking industry is a master at placing all of the responsibility on the truck driver, taking no responsibility themselves.

The American consumer is protected through the  Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.  It is designed to promote accuracy and ensure the privacy of the information used in consumer reports.  Under the law, both the Consumer Reporting Agency and the information provider have the responsibility for correcting inaccurate or incomplete information falsely reported.

Yet, HireRight, the agency responsible for placing false information on truck drivers’ DAC reports, continues to operate with no recourse from the Federal Government, consumer advocacy groups or law enforcement officials.  Furthermore, truck drivers victimized by the trucking companies who use the DAC services as a retaliation tool against them, receive no reparations for the injustice.

The most recent email I received from a 17 year driver veteran states:

“After being turned down by every trucking company I applied to, I finally pulled my DAC report and found several false information.  My previous employer reported two accidents which never occurred and the way HireRight worded it in the report, made it sound like I had been convicted of two felonies.  When I called HireRight and asked them why they worded it like they did, they replied, “That is how we have always done it.”

“I have a perfect driving record, no accidents, no tickets, no nothing.  Yet, after 17 years of driving, I can not get hired due to the fact that HireRight refuses to remove the false information from my report, even though I have provided my DMV records showing a clean driving record.”

HireRight DAC Trucking Solutions operates more like a criminal operation, violating the rights of truck drivers.  They show no remorse in ruining the lives of many hard working Americans and their only concern is raking in the dues paid by those trucking companies as clients.

Our on-going survey for the Worst Trucking Companies for False DAC reporting is showing a very interesting trend into what companies are abusing this service the most.    The two main bases being used by these companies are showing to be:

AccidentsAbandonment of Equipment

I will be posting the results on Ask The Trucker within the next few months, showing which companies, as voted by drivers, are the worst companies abusing the DAC services.

Write your House Representative and Senator:

Write your House Representative and Senators asking for their support in stopping the false DAC reporting by HireRight against our nation’s truck drivers.

Find your State Representative . . . here

Find your Senator . .  . here

Stop False DAC Reporting Petition . . . 1,686 signatures and growing . . .

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