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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Crusade for Jason’s Law and Safe Truck Parking Continues

“More Safe Truck Parking” is what you will be hearing on Wednesday Sept 29th, the 3rd National Call in Day for the support of Jason’s Law in both the House as HR 2156 and Senate as  S971

Wednesday,  supporters of Jason’s Law plan on calling their representatives, Congressman James Oberstar, the  chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Barbara Boxer, the majority chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee. The House bill version of Jason’s Law ( HR 2156) remains dormant in the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee while the Senate version (S971) is in the Environment and Public Works Committee.

Two Weeks ago there was tremendous advancement as the call for more safe truck parking saw optimism in the Senate, as the office of ranking minority member within the Environment and Public Works Committee, James Inhofe, showed strong support for the bill.   Read More

Advocates of Jason’s Law are continuing to spread their message for the need of more safe truck parking, seeking remedy for  the severe truck parking shortage causing risk to truckers lives and also increasing the risks of highway fatalities.

The #1 supporter of Jason’s Law is Hope Rivenburg, widow of the late Jason Rivenburg for whom the bill is named.
Yesterday Hope, a native New Yorker, was interviewed on CBS 6- WRGB news, as the state closed 6 rest areas in attempts to save money.  This will add to the already serious lack of parking situation that the State of New York, along with much of the Northeast, has experienced for many years.  States closing rest areas are all too common recently because of their budget deficits.

The lack of truck parking is becoming even more dangerous of a highway risk as tired drivers are either forced to continue driving in a fatigued state or park in isolated areas, putting their lives at risk, as was the case for Jason Rivenburg who was shot and killed.

We encourage all to join in on September 29th to call your state reps and also  Congressman Oberstar and Barbara Boxer, urging them to support Jason’s law and the crucial need for more truck parking.

Barbara Boxer  202-225-8832

Environment Chair Barbar Boxer

James Oberstar 202-225-6211

Transportation and Infrastructure Chair-James Oberstar

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