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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bus Operators to Burley: Hip-Hip-Hoo-RAY!

Bus Operators to Burley: Hip-Hip-Hoo-RAY!
Posted: Nov 26, 2013 09:11 AM | Last Updated: Nov 27, 2013 04:29 PM
Burley is known for his sagacity and humor.

TORONTO— The voice of Ontario’s busing industry—the Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA)— paid homage to a prominent member of the trucking community recently by presenting Ray Burley with the OMCA’s most prestigious prize: A Lifetime Achievement Award.

Burley is president of Bering Consulting and for the past two years he has worked with Davy Truck Sales of Mississauga.

The OMCA’s President and CEO Director of OMCA (and former vice president public affairs at the Ontario Trucking Association) Doug Switzer commented: “It really was a great honor to be able to able to recognize Ray’s lifelong commitment to the coach industry.”

“He’s extremely well respected by his colleagues, peers, and competitors. His common sense, encyclopedic knowledge, and good judgment have led many, including me on a number of occasions, to seek his advice over the years on a wide range of issues. He is truly deserving of the recognition.”

Burley served as the Chair of the OMCA Board and was a long-time member of both the Executive and the Board.  He volunteered countless hours to be an active member of a number of committees, including the Ontario Transportation Expo, the Coach Council, and Regulatory Committee.

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