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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yeah! Free Homeschooling Stuf

Free Homeschooling Stuff


 10 Secret Steps To

Successful Homeschooling!

Numerous parents are daunted by the price of homeschooling information, and with everything
 just getting more expensive, some parents are calling it quits. Don't worry - you can actually get 
free homeschooling stuff, and a lot of it.

What Sort of Free Stuff?

Oh yes, I can see you now - like a kitten that heard a new sound. Ears perked, eyes alert, deeply
 interested in the prospect of completely and totally free homeschooling stuff.

No, there are no forms to fill out, and most places don't even want an address before just handing 
you things. There are several free resources that you can use to get what you need to teach your child.

The Internet

There are literally hundreds of websites dedicated solely to giving you, the homeschooling parent, the
 resources you need to give your child a proper education.

Many websites have math quizzes, suggested reading - with questions for discussions - and detailed science
 experiments, even for kids in the high school grades.

Big websites and privately owned sites alike try to give you everything you need, partially because they 
would want someone to do the same - and partially because they believe that every child should get a good,
 solid education.

Used Books

Don't laugh. Many families get a small fortune worth of books free this way. Call up your local homeschooling
 supply store and ask if they have any damaged books that they can't sell.

Chances are, at least a few of the books you're looking for are damaged somehow, and they'll be able to 
give them to you absolutely free. This won't be a question that will be met with awkward silence, so don't 
feel uncomfortable asking - many parents do it.

Homeschooling Groups

Tons of homeschooling groups are giving away materials when you join in their classes. You not only get a 
break from teaching, you also socialize with parents who homeschool their children, and get real, quality
 advice from someone who's 'been there, done that'.

Sometimes there is a fee for joining these classes. Most of the time though, they're completely free - either 
run on grants, or families just getting together and doing what they do.

Word of mouth is the best way to find these groups, but they're all over the Internet, too. And many are
 always looking for a few new members to take under their wing.


There are so many resources that are literally at your fingertips. Homeschooling is becoming more and more
 mainstream for so many different reasons, and it's just going to gain more popularity.

Whether you want to teach your children what you believe, want to give your children a better education, or 
something entirely different, free homeschooling stuff makes it easier and faster.

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