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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Truck Drivers to Face Stricter DOT Medical Exams

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Pro Trucker - Ed Webb Pro Trucker - Ed Webb

Truck driver, Ed Webb learned first-hand how states are increasing their attention to the testing of sleep apnea. After being woken up by an Indiana state trooper when he heard snoring coming from the truck, he found himself being audited by the State of Indiana.

Although Webb is quick to mention that CPAP treatment has “changed my life,” his story of how he arrived there shows a growing trend by the states in becoming more aggressive in their approach to drivers who may suffer from the sleep apnea condition.

Mr. Webb joined us on Truth About Trucking “LIVE” on Wednesday, June 22nd to share his story.

Ed was featured in the June, 2011 issue of Truckers News Magazine cover story, Medically Certified, and senior editors Max Kvidera and Todd Dills were also our guests, discussing their examination of medical certification regulations at both the Federal and State levels.

Todd Dills Todd Dills

Max Kvidera Max Kvidera

Webb’s story is a case in point to increased state-level attention to the sleep apnea condition – the state of Indiana audits the treatment of drivers with sleep apnea, as he found out in November of 2009.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can catch it here, as we discussed how stricter DOT medical examinations will be placing the professional truck driver under more scrutiny and examine the possibilities of the states getting between the licensed physician and the driver.

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