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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Don't Need A New Bucket Truck - Just New Parts!

It is impossible to find equipment that is completely free from mechanical damage. Realistically, every bucket truck is subject to deterioration because of its intensive use. Even equipment that is slightly used and sits idle for months will experience mechanical problems. When heavy-duty machines, such as aerial lift devices, experience a breakdown, their owners will not immediately go out and purchase a new vehicle. Instead, they purchase bucket truck parts that will correct the existing problem.

New Parts Importance

Heavy-duty machines, such as the bucket truck, are considered to be very durable; however, because they are always utilized in performing tough jobs, their durability can be compromised. When aerial lift devices are used every day, they are prone to damage and deterioration. If one of the components or accessories is broken, it will have a direct impact on the performance of the vehicle. If a thorough inspection of the equipment is not performed when even a slight change in its performance is noticed, and the problem persists, it could eventually become extensive, causing a breakdown. To prevent this type of damage from occurring or leading to a complete breakdown, it is imperative to inspect the vehicle for broken components and replace them with new parts. By replacing these components, the bucket truck will perform like brand new, operating more efficiently and more productively.

Replacement Considerations

Buying a new bucket truck is usually not the best option when a vehicle experiences a breakdown; therefore, the other option is to repair the vehicle by replacing the damaged components. When purchasing parts to replace the damaged ones, there are two choices: purchase new or reconditioned ones. Brand new components are typically long-lasting; however, they are more expensive when compared to used ones, which is why some owners decide to purchase the re-conditioned variety. Used bucket truck parts are not only affordable but are also dependable. The decision is often determined by the budget of the company, the model, and the design of the vehicle.

In addition, non-new parts can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, online auctions, salvage yards, and machine shops. There are many options available for the replacement of components on the vehicle; however, what is more important is that the company is able to save money, prevent a long downtime, and repair the damaged truck so it is able to function again.

Replacement Timing

It is imperative to know when it is time to replace any vehicle components that are worn out or broken. Over time, continuous use will have a significant effect on some vital truck components. In order to determine which of these components need to be substituted, indicators should be established that address this area of concern. Primarily, companies should have a parts substitution schedule just like scheduled oil and air filter replacement. Poor performance and visible damage is also a good way to determine if it is time for certain parts to be replaced.

Aerial lift devices are not exempt from mechanical damage. In fact, they are more likely to experience frequent breakdowns due to impaired components. When a vehicle does experience a breakdown, the cause should be immediately determined so that a decision can be made concerning the need for repair or replacement of a part. Even if the damage is severe, it is seldom necessary to purchase new equipment; the more appropriate decision may be to just buy new bucket truck parts!

Christopher M. Hunter is an expert in commercial specialty trucks. Click here to find out more about Bucket Truck Parts.

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