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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mutli-Mode Cargo Transport

When it comes to shipping goods you may be in the lucky position of just having to have a basic item delivered a few hundred miles away to your customer, and often a parcel courier's service will suffice for this, as your goods will be simple to ship and need only a basic shipping document.

However if you are exporting cargo to far flung corners of the World then your average parcel courier may struggle to help you with it. Firstly, for example if you are shipping hazardous cargo then you will have a mountain of paperwork to deal with, as if your goods are going to pass through several destinations enroute to your customer then you will need to ensure that the paperwork for each country it passes through is present and correct.

You will also need to ensure that the container your cargo is shipped in complies with the laws of every country it passes through, as if not your goods may be impounded and/or severely delayed.

However one of the main headaches that you will have to deal with is that when shipping cargo to remote corners of the World you will almost certainly need several forms of transport to get your cargo to its destination.

A basic example of multi-modal transport is a van picking up your goods to deliver them to a sea port, a boat to take them across the Atlantic, then a rail journey to South America, and then a plane to take the cargo to its final destination, and another van to pick the goods up from the airplane and deliver them to your client. That is five forms of transport to organise, and your goods and paperwork must comply with all of them in order for your cargo to reach its destination safely.

Yet the requirements of each form of transport will vary wildly, and in addition what may pass as okay in one country may not in another even for the same form of transport.

Organising just the logistics of shipping even a simple cargo across one continent is not easy, never mind the accompanying paperwork. Accordingly you would be well advised to use a cargo specialist who can provide a full logistics and customs service, a good company will advise you on the things that you will not find in any customs guide, such as looking at the political situation in all of the countries enroute and advising of any problem areas.

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