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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heavy Duty Projects Completed Easily by Altec Bucket Trucks!

When the world is in demand of projects that require the use of heavy-duty machinery, such as: highly engineered facilities; building infrastructures; repairs for electric and telecommunication services; repair and installation of business signs; restoration of damaged street lights after storms; and the installation of power line transformers, nothing can beat the power of an Altec bucket truck. This type of vehicle is largely recognized for its maneuverability, versatility, safety, reliability, functionality and capacity to complete heavy-duty projects quickly.

Basic Use

This aerial equipment is used to lift workers to various heights and is used in place of a ladder to reduce the hazards that are associated with that device, such as shakiness, tripping, collapsing, and falls to the ground. Everyday the bucket truck is used to meet the needs of many industries. Common uses include servicing electric and telecommunication lines, building construction, painting, pruning, hanging decorations, and fire rescue operations. All of these projects can be completed easily and safely through the use of the extremely functional bucket truck.

Important Information

Altec is a brand that is recognized for the development of a highly advanced, durable, and functional aerial lift device. They have been in the business for more than seven decades, producing distinguished aerial lifts. They offer various models that are manufactured with remarkable quality and exceptional designs. One of their innovative designs is the storage compartment in the bucket which facilitates the ease of carrying necessary tools when elevated to the work site. They continuously produce smarter and safer bucket trucks for every consumer. All of their vehicles are efficient, dependable, innovative, and productive.

Electric and Telecommunication Maintenance

Each day electric and telecommunication companies must ensure that their consumers have access to the services supplied to them. In order to respond to the need, workers must be immediately sent to any area where damage to electrical wires have caused a disruption in the services provided to their customers. Since this work requires a quick response and elevation, these industries utilize bucket trucks to safely repair any damage.

Rescue Operation

Bucket trucks are used by fire departments across the United States to efficiently put out fires in tall building infrastructures and to safely rescue people who may be trapped inside the building. Firemen can easily reach desired heights without having to exert as much effort as they would if they had to climb a ladder to rescue any victims.

Building Construction

The bucket truck is an indispensable construction vehicle. When performing any building projects, such as making houses and new roads, the ability to reach certain heights is important and this heavy-duty equipment is the ultimate solution. These vehicles can quickly carry construction equipment to a five-story building. Bucket trucks can also help by lifting workers and their tools to various heights to install signs for businesses as well as those by public and private streets. Whatever heavy-duty project must be done related to building construction, this mighty vehicle is always ready to go.

Industries such as energy and telecommunications demand the use of aerial lifting devices due to the nature of their jobs. Ladders are the conventional method for climbing tall utility poles; however, due to the risks involving the inability of ladders to reach tall heights and the length of time it takes to climb ladders, they have become an inefficient tool and very dangerous to use.

To solve this problem, utility services have turned to the bucket truck, which is a heavy-duty machine that is able to quickly lift workers to the desired height and thereby increase productivity. Many industries use aerial lift equipment because of its high performance ability. These companies make sure that they purchase an Altec bucket truck because of its reliability, functionality, high quality, safety, versatility, and speed, all of which allows heavy-duty projects to be completed easily and quickly!

Christopher M. Hunter is an expert in commercial specialty trucks. Click here to find out more about Altec Bucket Trucks.

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