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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Brief Introduction To Truck Tires

Cheap truck tires are easy to find for sale on the internet. However, finding a cheap, good quality and the appropriate tire for a vehicle can be harder. A tire is a vital part of any vehicles performance and safety. It is very important to choose the right tire that is most appropriate for the vehicles needs.

Most modern tires are made from natural and synthetic rubber and metal wires. The tire is made up of a tread and the body. The tread provides traction while the body supports the weight of the vehicle.

The majority of tires are pneumatically inflatable and contains metal wires encased in rubber. They become a cushion when they are filled with compressed air. Most vehicles use this form of tire as they are safer and provide better fuel economy.

The tire's tread makes contact with the surface of the road, the part of the tread that is in contact is known as the contact patch. The tread will provide the correct amount of traction ensuring that it does not not wear away too quickly. On the tread there are grooves, lugs, voids and sipes. The grooves run around the tire and moves away water, this ensures stability on wet surfaces. Lugs are the part of the tire tread that contacts the grounds and voids are the spaces in between. The voids ensure that water can be removed to the sipes, which pushes the water to the side of the tire to escape. This avoids any issues with hydroplaning, which is when water builds up under the tire. This can be dangerous as it significantly reduces the traction of the tire and may cause loss of control of the vehicle.

Truck tires are very heavy duty and are also used on commercial freight trucks, commercial vehicles, farming vehicles and coach and buses. There are many different kinds of tire for trucks, which is designed for specific vehicles. They are made from materials that will provide the highest performance relative to the vehicle.

Large trucks often put two wheels together, each with a tire that measures between 275mm to 295mm wide. However, recently a Super Single tire has become available. This tire is about 455mm wide and replaces the two wheel configuration. The Super Single has the advantage of reducing contact with the road, which decreases the overall weight of the vehicle and improves fuel economy.

Some tires are produced specifically to cope with snow and mud. These have a softer tread than the conventional tires, which gives them more grip and stability. However, these tires will wear down more quickly on normal road conditions. Some of these tires allow for the installation of metal studs, which provides the tire with even more grip.

A tire needs to be high quality as it affects the performance and safety of any type of vehicle. The famous tire manufacturers provide the highest quality tire as they are continuously improving and finding new tire technologies. These manufacturers products are available at online retail outlets for a lower price. Search online to get further information regarding cheap truck tires.

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