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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All About Truck Tarps That Will Securely Cover Your Cargo

When you are heading down the road with a big trailer full of products, you are absolutely certain that you want it to arrive at its destination in its original condition. That is where truck tarps come into play. These tarps, made of heavy-duty tough materials and coated with polyethylene, will stand up to on-the-road conditions. They will resist tearing in the winds.

As fall and winter approach it is important to have truck tarps on hand to cover the loads when the rain threatens it. The wind and rain can be a big enemy to the tarp so it is important to make sure the tarp material is thick and tear resistant.

The larger, heavy-duty tarps, sometimes weighing over a hundred pounds, are sold individually. The smaller sizes of tarp are sold in cartons, making it simple to keep all of your cargo trucks quickly covered. Coverings as small as 6' X 8' are available in cartons of 16. The 12' x 16', 12' x 48' and 12' x 54' are sold individually. These waterproof covers weigh 6.5 ounces per square yard, are 1200 denier with a 14 x 14 mesh count. They remain flexible even in cold conditions.

Hems on all sides are reinforced with braided roping and are stitched twice for extra support. The interior seams are heat sealed. These specialized coverings have one inch steel 'D' rings securely attached to nylon-reinforced corners every two feet. Where the 'D' rings are attached, the fabric reinforcement area is triangular shaped for stronger and more secure attachment.

Varieties of dump vehicles, such as articulated, transfer, truck and pup, and bottom dump, use roll tarpaulins. Flatbed trailers often carry larger, more durable items and they should be covered as well, to keep them in optimum condition. It is possible to special order any size that is needed to do the job at hand.

Solid brass grommets are used to reinforce the corners of the tarpaulin. This makes it convenient to tie down securely, keeping your product safe from the weather. The fabric resists spills of acid, does not tear easily and resists mildew in humid weather. Ultraviolet treatment is applied on both sides of truck tarps to further protect your load.

Truck tarps can come in many types of varieties. The truck can be covered with poly tarps or canvas tarps as long as the material in fastened properly.

Michael Stein is the president of Tarps Plus and is an expert on tarps and the tarp industry.

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