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Friday, October 7, 2011

Truck Drivers with Diabetes – How High is too High?

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Blood Sugar 210 Blood Sugar 210

Sites all across the internet are showing that qualification for a CDL truck driver requires a blood sugar reading of less than 200.  I would like for someone, anyone,  to provide me with the link to the regulation that actually shows this to be the case.

According to the FMCSA under Part § 391.41, an applicant is qualified to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle if he or she :  “Has no established medical history or clinical diagnosis of diabetes mellitus currently requiring insulin for control.”

Again, we must note that truck drivers requiring insulin may still be able to drive under the Federal Diabetes Exemption Program.

Nowhere in the regulations, that I can find, does it specifically state that a commercial truck driver’s blood sugar must be under 200.  Many sites report that the 200 minimum is listed on the CDL Medical Examination Report, which I found to be false as well.

According to Barnes Care, an occupational medicine facility, new DOT Medical Guidelines went into effect on September 30th, 2004.  They note that a CMV driver’s blood sugar reading must:

Maintain a fasting blood sugar of 140 or below or . . .Maintain a 2 hour postprandial blood sugar of 200 or less or . . .Maintain glycosylated hemoglobin of 8 percent or less

Word has it that the FMCSA will be moving away from the urinalysis test for sugar and will be going to the A1C blood testing.  Currently, the American Diabetes Association recommends an A1C reading of under 7% for those with diabetes, but actual guidelines for the CDL truck driver has not been established.

The “normal” range for blood sugar is typically 70-100 fasting and not over 135-140 after a meal.

Still, actual blood sugar levels required for CMV qualifications are not listed anywhere within the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations that I can find;  only the mention of diabetes mellitus. So where is the “under 200? figure coming from?

Speaking with a local Diabetes Center, I was told that blood sugar readings had the following meaning:

70-140 = normal140-160 = elevated160-200 = high200 and above = dangerous

Anyone with an actual link to the FMCSA regulation showing that qualifying CDL truck drivers must show a blood sugar level of under 200, please provide the link through our “comment” page.

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