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Monday, October 31, 2011

Selecting a Great Tailgate Step

If you have done any searching on the web for a tailgate step for your pickup, then you probably have found it difficult to find a good guide for choosing the best product for your needs. Some of the points to consider when selecting a step include:

The purpose or intended use of the product
It's design

The consumer must first evaluate the intended use of a tailgate step. Is it to be used to assist in climbing into the bed of the truck or as a step ladder to climb when loading items into the back of the truck? Other possible uses could be for the hunter who needs to access the truck for hunting gear or to utilize the step as a seat for putting on their boots. Indeed, it could simply be used to just sit on while taking a break from hunting or doing chores.

Other uses for the unit include implementing it as an easy step for pets or for the working dog. They could climb in or out of the truck bed quickly and safely without the need for assistance from the owner. Finally, the truck tailgate step could be used as the perfect accessory for entertainment when tailgating or just having a get together at someone's backyard barbecue.

There are many types of tailgate steps and the buyer must determine which model fits their needs most efficiently. There are bench-type steps, those that attach to the bumper or underside of the truck bed, steps that are built into the tailgate itself, and the foldable type of steps. The buyer must judge how sturdy the steps are, what the weight capacity is of the unit, and what type of metal is used to construct the tailgate step.

Aluminum is a popular alloy, but the buyer needs to be aware that there are several different strengths of metal. Some examples of the various types of aluminum include aircraft-grade aluminum, high strength aluminum alloy finished in a corrosion resistant black powder coat, or permanent mold-cast aluminum alloy 356-T51 which is heat-treated for optimum strength. Some models are constructed of heavy-duty steel with a powder coated finish, e-coated steel tubing, and welded steel with e-coated durability.

Efficiency is extremely important when choosing the right tailgate step for the buyer. Just how easy will it be to access the pickup bed using one of the models available? The height and weight of the individual using the step, their agility, physical ability to climb steps, and how much use the step will provide for the buyer are all important factors to consider.

Another point to consider when choosing a truck tailgate step is the safety of the unit. Issues to evaluate include how much weight the step can support, what type of surface does the step contain, and from what type of material is the frame made? A good quality tailgate step should include a non-skid surface on the step, include a frame that is sturdy enough to support at least 400 lbs. of weight, and provide a safety handle to grab for support while climbing into the bed of the truck.

Convenience is certainly a major factor to consider when shopping for the best tailgate step. Certainly the buyer must determine which step suits their individual needs best. How easily will the seat fold out and fold back in and the compatibility of the step with various models of pickup trucks are important to evaluate. Is the step located at a handy location on the tailgate or frame of the truck bed? Quick and easy access are relevant issues and will influence the decision of the shopper when searching for a perfect tailgate step.

Finally, and probably the most important factor considered by the consumer, is the cost of a tailgate step. The units can range in price from under $100 to over $500 depending on the size and design of the unit. The shopper must evaluate all of the qualities each type of tailgate step can offer and make a decision based on their needs and budget.

Selecting a quality tailgate step involves many factors. The consumer must first determine their purpose for needing a tailgate step. Next, they must decide on the desired design, it's efficiency, safety, and convenience. Finally, the shopper must consider the cost of the steps and determine if it fits their personal budget. If the buyer will consider these important factors when shopping, they will be sure to find the best quality step available. offers quality tailgate steps at very affordable prices. They can be installed anywhere on the tailgate or on the actual truck bed. Our tailgate steps can also be used for other purposes such as on trailers, boats, and piers. Shipping is Free so go check out our products.

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