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Monday, October 31, 2011

Become a Transportation Operations Worker and Tap Into a $43 Billion Industry

When most people think of the trucking industry, they naturally think of truck drivers. But did you know that there's a vast operations support group behind every truck on the road? Did you know that the trucking industry is an increasingly computer-driven field that generates over $43 billion dollars in revenue a year in Canada?

There are a large number of employment opportunities in this exciting field, and many of them fall under the umbrella of "transportation operations". These jobs require a sound knowledge of the trucking industry, and the software systems used there. A great way to acquire this knowledge is to enroll in a Transportation Operations Diploma Program. Such programs are designed to give students the soft skills and technical knowledge they need to succeed in any of the numerous jobs found in transportation operations, including:

· Operations Manager

· Local Dispatcher

· Driver Manager

· Load Planner

· Safety and Compliance Officer

· Log Book Auditor

· Fleet Maintenance Manager

Programs typically last approximately 17 weeks. Students spend 50% of their time learning computer systems in a lab environment where they have an opportunity to get hands-on with the programs. Over the duration of their studies, students will learn more about the software that helps employees map optimal routes for trucks, register trucks to work in different provinces and states, manage drivers and equipment, and manage freight logistics. Specific software programs covered in a Transportation Operations Diploma Program would include:

· PC Miler

· Satellite Systems

· LoadLink

· International Registration Plan (IRP)

· Fleet Manager

· Freight Logix

Courses are comprehensive, and teach students everything they need to know about transportation operations. Typical programs include the following topics:

· Foundations in transportations operations

· Safety and compliance

· Maintenance and administration of fleets

· Dispatching, driver management

Because the program length is relatively short, Transportation Operations Diploma Program students can expect to get back into the workforce quickly. Many students, however, prefer to add an internship to their education. Typically lasting 8 weeks, these internships are an excellent way for graduates to gain valuable hands-on experience, differentiate themselves from other candidates, make contacts, and gain the confidence they'll need to excel in the trucking industry. In many cases, students who make a good impression during their internship are hired by the companies they worked for.

For people who are interested in mastering the knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic field of transportation operations, enrolling in a Transportation Operations Diploma Program is a sound career move.

Contact the Canadian Automotive & Trucking Institute for more information on their Transportation Operations Diploma Program.

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