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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bucket Truck Reconditioning - Making Used Trucks A Match For New Ones

If you are all set to purchase a used bucket truck to make your business more efficient than ever before, you should opt for a truck that's been fully reconditioned. This saves you from visiting the local repair shop every now and then to get your truck fixed.

When purchasing used bucket trucks, there are several aspects that require your attention. A bucket truck is a huge investment, even a used one, so it's imperative that you get your money's worth. From getting the best deals to financing the investment, everything must be mapped out prior to making a purchase. Getting specifications of the used truck and inspecting it, are all essential. However, there are several other important things that most people miss, such as checking the credibility of the company and making sure that the used truck has been through the reconditioning process.

Reconditioning of used bucket trucks is a restoration process that fixes up any problems found in the truck. Since the truck has already been used, chances are that it's in a not-so-perfect condition. Nevertheless, a used truck can be refurbished making it look as good as new. Corroded metal and dirt buildup removed followed by undercoating and paint. Only a few companies recondition used bucket trucks. Since each part of the truck is fixed in this process, you won't have to get the parts replaced or fixed after your purchase.

The reconditioning process starts with a thorough inspection of a truck, as soon as it reaches the company's inventory. After making sure of the parts that need restoration, the mechanics remove the corroded parts like cabinets, grills and accessories to be repaired or replaced, depending on the their condition. Once it's disassembled, the truck is degreased to loosen the grime. Right after that, it's power washed to clean it from top to bottom. The next step is sandblasting of front bumper, wheels, wheel wells, fuel tanks, frames, rear tail shaft and other exposed metal. Even the inside of the utility body goes through a sandblasting process.

Afterward, a 320 grit sandpaper is used to sand down the truck and a gray 2K urethane coating is used for priming. This undercoating makes the truck corrosion resistant and durable. For further shielding the truck, LINE-X is sprayed on its walkways and bed. LINE-X comes with a high 'shoreD' hardness rating which provides optimum tensile strength and high resistance to both impact and abrasion. Furthermore, it is known to extend the life expectancy of the vehicle. This water tight coating provides an impeccable finish.

The bucket truck is then reassembled with the interior cleaned, broken parts replaced and the exterior waxed with hand glaze. After it is cosmetically refurbished, the mechanics examine the truck using a 77-point mechanical inspection. The boom of the truck is screened using the 177-point boom inspection. In addition to making the used truck appear like a brand new one, these companies customize the truck with extra cabinets, additional strobe lights, hitches and more.

Once you are well versed with the reconditioning process, you can make a deal with the company that gives a new look to the used bucket truck utilizing this process. However, you need to ensure that the bucket truck sales company makes use of the appropriate machine and dielectric testing. This makes the used truck to comply with the Federal and DOT guidelines. Give the go-ahead to a truck purchase only when you are certain it's been fully reconditioned.

This article has been written by an expert associated with I-80 Equipment, a well-known company that offers an exclusive range of fully reconditioned used bucket truck for sale at affordable prices for various businesses.

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