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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Boom Trucks

Buying a used boom truck is a huge investment and you cannot afford to get it wrong. The deal must be done carefully to avoid big mistakes and future regrets. Here are a few potentially big mistakes you would do well to avoid.

Choosing the right bucket truck, also called boom truck, takes plenty of time and consideration. It is a decision you must ensure you get right. Avoiding some major errors when going in for a used bucket truck optimizes the chances of making a good deal.

You would be well advised to bypass these mistakes:

Lack of Research - It is important to do proper research before buying anything, let alone a truck. Buyers commit this mistake as it involves a lot of time to find the right vehicle and payment plan. There are several websites which can provide you with useful information regarding used bucket trucks. You can also go through auto magazines and independent reviewers to get a feel for the market. Doing adequate research will help you to get the best deal possible.

Ignoring Test Drive - This is a mistake people make while buying used bucket trucks. You don't even buy a lesser electric equipment without testing it first, so why buy a truck without going for a test drive. If you want to know how the truck actually performs when driving, it is essential to go for a test drive.

Miss Favorable Finance Rate - Your goal must be acquiring the lowest possible interest rate when getting the truck financed. Get in touch with various financers to find out which one of them suits you the best. You can get loans from your bank, credit union or the truck dealer. Compare them to find out which offers you the most favorable terms. Before you contact a loan provider, make sure that your credit report hasn't got anything negative that could possibly hamper your credit prospects.

Negotiate Various Aspects of Pricing - You can save a good amount on your investment by negotiating effectively. Negotiate with your dealer regarding sticker price, trade-in value and financing separately. Try to get dealer push down the prices on aspects such as the year of make, odometer, condition of the truck etc. It involves plenty of haggling. Hence it is better to take assistance of someone who is an expert in negotiating vehicle prices.

Underestimating Safety Features - Safety features must never be ignored while buying a used bucket truck. The bucket must have adequate safety equipment to protect operator's from falling. You can also look for additional features such as guards, warning labels, interlocks and ground fault interrupter circuits. The Buckets of boom trucks must be insulated to prevent any electrical current flow if it comes in contact with a live power line. If you intend to operate the truck in the forestry industry, there must be the cab guard to protect the operators inside, should falling debris hit the top of the cab. There must be dual control in the truck - one inside the truck while the second is at the base of the boom. It becomes very important during an emergency.

Ignoring Insurance Cost - Include the cost of insurance while calculating the cost of the truck. Insurance payments are a regular part of your yearly expenses for operating the truck. It is always better to consider the auto insurer's opinion before buying a truck.

This article has been written by an expert associated with I80 Equipment, a leading company that deals in used bucket trucks catering to the requirements of various industries.

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