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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Learning How to Buy a Bucket Truck!

There are many bucket trucks available that handle different tasks in many industries. They have long been used by workers in the utility industry, forestry industry, and many more types of businesses. There is an abundance of things to learn about these vehicles. The following are additional facts about this very versatile piece of equipment.

Design Differences

These vehicles got their name because of the bucket-like compartment attached to a boom that is installed on the back of a truck bed. This apparatus can usually lift one or two people, depending on the manufacturer's listed weight capacity for the vehicle. The workers are then lifted to higher elevations to perform their tasks.

There can be two sets of controls for the boom's operation: one set is located in the bucket or outside at a reasonable distance within the operator's reach; another set is located at the base of the boom on the truck frame or bed. The base control can override the aerial control in an emergency; otherwise, it should only be used with permission of the bucket operator.

There are two types of lifting arms: articulated and basic crane type. The articulated boom is gaining more popularity because it can be operated in so many different ways, especially in tight spaces or when there is an obstacle to otherwise hinder the lift.


The bucket truck is one of the most advanced, heavy-duty pieces of equipment that is used by various industries to make their jobs easier, such as communications, forestry and many others. Reaching places where a normal ladder could not go is their job. An operator can ride in the bucket that is attached to a boom arm and then be lifted up to the heights required to work on the different available jobs. For instance, a forestry vehicle is equipped with a bucket and hydraulics so that foresters can reach tree limbs and accomplish their tree duties safely.

Maintenance and Repairs

Malfunctions of these vehicles are serious threats to operators and crews as well as the owning company. It is important that regular maintenance be performed on this equipment. Safety and reliability should be every company's top priority. For example, if there are any defects in the hydraulic boom, the operator inside the bucket could be caught in a highly dangerous situation. Repairs are also expensive; however regular maintenance on these trucks will keep all workers in this vehicle safe.

Buy New or Used

It is always wise to purchase a new bucket truck to receive the best functionality and safety. Though it involves a considerable investment, the assurance of its safety and protection of the lives of workers is well worth the expenditure. For those companies who cannot afford the new vehicles, there are many reputable used commercial truck dealers that handle the sale of these vehicles and can help any potential buyer through the purchasing process.

Bucket trucks can carry workers where they need to be in order to accomplish their tasks in safety and with ease. This commercial utility vehicle is a very valuable asset to many industries and must be cared for to retain its quality and reliability. Knowing about these vehicles is very beneficial in determining if a business actually needs one and ensuring that they purchase the best bucket truck for sale for their business!

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