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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aljex links with for international shipping

A new partnership between Aljex Software and will offer Aljex customers the ability to schedule and price international shipments without leaving their hosted Aljex software program.


The agreement allows brokers, carriers, and 3PLs who use Aljex-hosted software to price, schedule, pickup and arrange documentation of LCL (less-than-container) shipments to anywhere in the world directly from an Aljex screen. offers live online quotes and pricing for international air and sea shipments. It also handles local customs documentation required by governments.

?Freight pricing is complex,? Andrew Scott, president of iContainers USA, said. ?It involves information from various vendors to determine optimal routing. simplifies this and provides instant answers for our customers.?

Shipment data generated by iContainers will automatically populate the Aljex database as well as necessary forms and reports.

?We?re very pleased to provide within Aljex,? said Aljex CEO Tom Heine. ?We believe it represents a breakthrough in international shipping, something many of our Aljex brokers will love to offer. After all, it?s never a good idea to tell a customer ?you?ll have to find someone else to handle that?.?

Scott said iContainers, while only handling LCL shipments at this point, will add full container services and air freight in the near future.

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