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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Driver Creates Top Notch Trucking Business System

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Eddie Gichuhi and Allen Smith Eddie Gichuhi and Allen Smith

Eddie Gichuhi ran over the road for seven years while earning a degree in Software Engineering.  Experiencing the difficulties of life on the road and managing a profitable business, he was determined to build and design the ultimate bookkeeping service for owner-operators, truck fleet owners and company drivers.  What he created is Trip Sheet Central.

Trip Sheet Central, among other services,  will organize your trucking trip sheets, income and expenses, shippers, receivers, accounting statements and IFTA tax information.  It is a web-based trucking business management suite designed specifically for Truck Carrier Operations. As he points out on his website:

“One thing I discovered kind of dishearteningly, is that not too many people in the trucking biz want to talk about the secrets of their successes, or show you how to turn things around.  My take on it:  Not too many know how to do it right, and even fewer have the right tools to do it.”

With that determination, he developed the Trip Sheet Central business services designed to “build a system that works, a framework that truck business owners can use to manage their businesses and win.”

Having met Mr. Gichuhi last October during the Memphis Trucking Expo, I saw first hand, just a few of the capabilities of Trip Sheet Central.  AskTheTrucker works to find and locate the best services and products available to the trucking professional, which you may not be aware of ;  if you are an owner operator, small fleet owner or even a company driver, check out Trip Sheet Central :  an excellent business tool for truckers by a trucker.

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