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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Truckers Tracks Keeps the Beat in Trucking

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Truckers Tracks Truckers Tracks

Thirty five plus years ago, the lifestyle of the professional trucker could be heard all over the radio. The lifestyle of the trucker was everywhere, from the AM and FM stations to the big screen.

Although not as prevelant as it once was, there are still those who continue to recognize the endurance and life of the American trucker through the power of music.

Doug Jones, in association with SPEC Records, keeps turning out the trucking tunes with his company, Truckers Tracks, based out of Nashville, Tennessee. As Doug explains, “It’s about stories of the highway and experiences that are shared through songs.”

What makes Truckers Tracks so unique, is that real-life, current truck drivers perform as artists on the label, displaying the many talents of the men and women who move America.  One of those real-life truckers’ is Jan McCarter, a singer-songwriter who, along with her husband, Jim, are current owner operators for J.B. Hunt.   Providing original songs for the label, Jan is noted for belting out tunes such as:

Draggin My WagonPretty Girls Drive Big Rigs TooThank You Jazzy . . . andLot Lizard Boogie

Truckers Tracks also provides trucking songs from a few familiar names as well, such as Alex Debogorski, the original Ice Road Trucker and Johnny Neel, the master keyboarder, formerly of the Allman Brothers Band.   Truckers Tracks has been noted in such editorials as Overdrive Magazine and USA Today.

The holidays are coming and if you are wondering on a special kind of gift to get that trucker in your life, check out Volume 1, 2 and 3 from SPEC Records and Truckers Tracks.  It beats getting a new tie for Christmas!

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