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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Attracting Qualified Truck Drivers for Trucking Industry

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The trucking industry is changing and that means for the drivers as well.  With a higher standard reaching out across the industry through the CSA, certain trucking companies are finding themselves in a much different position than ever before.  No longer will all the blame be placed on truck drivers for violating HOS rules, running faulty or dangerous equipment or placing all the responsibility on the professional driver.  Both driver and company will receive violation points through the CSA.

It is imperative that trucking companies operate in a safe and professional manner or risk intervention from the CSA and if they fail to comply, the company could face an Operations Out-of Service Order.  Due to this new initiative, many experienced, veteran drivers are finding themselves out of work due to companies anticipating that tests for BMI and sleep apnea will be included in future government mandates.  Although the FMCSA has stated that as of right now, these tests are not a part of the CSA regulations, we believe that they will be included sometime in the future. Many older veteran drivers with desirable PSP’s are finding it difficult to find work, either because of their age  or physical appearance (BMI),  as some companies are adding additional testing to their hiring requirements.

Companies who are carrying out these tests appear to be searching  for the “cream of the crop”and are  most likely doing so,  to lower their insurance rates and ultimately increase their bottom line.  With many of the veteran drivers either retiring, leaving the industry or as a result of not being hired and  losing their jobs due to the effects of CSA and their PSP,  a flood of inexperienced drivers are anticipated. Many will show a “perfect” PSP as they are new to the industry and will not have a 3 and 5 year look back of violations and crashes.  These perfect PSP records will then reflect a perfect driver safety score for the motor carrier as long as they do not receive violations once employed.

Trucking companies are reacting to the CSA ( including their anticipation for possible future medical mandates), and driver PSP, and  therefore  experienced truck drivers are being dismissed by many within the the industry.  Furthermore,  many  motor carriers are now very concerned about the lack of qualified truck drivers available to them.  Ironically, there are  trucking companies who are finding quality, professional drivers to hire and are not having these same problems.  I believe that the motor carriers who will eventually  have the most problems “finding” quality drivers, will not just be because of the driver PSP, but will be more to do with their treatment of drivers in the past and their unwillingness to change their ways.  Post CSA is here . . .

Grace Epting of Diamond Transportation System Grace Epting of Diamond Transportation System

Diamond Transportation System, based out of Racine, Wisconsin is a 100% owner operator specialized carrier who is seeking to draw quality drivers  to their company.  They have approached the CSA and PSP issues from a different standpoint, attracting female and male qualified drivers who are searching for a company, who not only respects them, but is taking an extra step towards their success.  So, what is Diamond Transportation doing differently?  How are they finding and keeping good, experienced and qualified drivers in today’s trucking environment ?

Grace Epting of Diamond Transportation System was our special guest on Truth About Trucking “LIVE” on Wednesday, November 17th, 2011.

We discussed what Diamond Transportation is doing to attract their drivers and assisting in their career success.  We knew that they offer enhanced locations and special services for their drivers, but we wanted to expand on these topics and hear how her company has set a standard in the way they are able to attract qualified drivers in light of the CSA.

Attracting Quality Drivers for the Trucking Industry

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