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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Press Conference for New York State Rest Area Closing

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A press conference has been scheduled by NY state Senator James Seward for Wednesday November 17th at 10 AM at the Worcester Rest Area:
Located on I-88 between exits 18 and 19 (Ostego County) in order to discuss the seriousness of closing 6 New York state rest areas.
Senator Seward is a strong supporter of Jason’s Law and is in firm opposition of the NYSDOT decision to close these rest areas as a means to save state funds, an estimated 1 million dollars for all 6.
As of Nov 1st, 2010, two of the six  rest areas have already been closed.

Brewerton/Hastings: Located on I-81 between exits 31 and 32 (Oswego County)Schodack: Located on I-90 between exits 11 and 12 (Albany Count

Last month there was a protest at the Schodack rest area led by NY state resident Hope Rivenburg, widow of slain trucker Jason Rivenburg.  Also attending last months protest was Paul Tonko, NY state Congressman who was responsible for introducing “Jason’s Law” HR 2156 to the House in April of 2009.
Ironically, the bill which Tonko introduced is to secure more safe truck parking. New York state is a state that suffers from the shortage of available truck parking which is now becoming a serious concern for motorists also, who are forced to share the roads with these weary truckers searching for a spot to rest.  Public highway safety must now be addressed as more and more states are closing their rest areas creating a greater risks for both truckers and the general public alike.

When speaking to Hope the other day, she expressed to us her concern for the many weary motorists, especially those with children, who often depend on these  rest areas while traveling long distances. Hope has been tirelessly  campaigning for the last year for the support of Jason’s Law, bills HR 2156 and S971, which she hopes will prevent another trucker from losing their life, as was the case for her late husband Jason Rivenburg who was murdered as he parked in an abandoned gas station to rest.

The Worcester rest area, where the conference is to be held, is scheduled to be closed on December 1st, 2010, along with 3 others.

Lewis: Located on I-87 between exits 31 and 32 (Essex County)Schroon Lake: Located on I-87 between exits 27 and 28 (Essex County)Worcester: Located on I-88 between exits 18 and 19 (Ostego County)Wells Bridge: Located on I-88 between exits 11 and 12 (Delaware County)

Hope Rivenburg and Charlie Clayburn, regional director for Truckers and Citizens United, will be attending the press conference along with assemblymen Marc Butler and Pete Lopez ( who also attended the protest last month)

Hope Rivenburg is  asking everyone, truckers and the general public alike, to please support the efforts of all involved by attending the event at the Worcester rest area on Wednesday.

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