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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nebraska Attorney Involved in Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking Alert:

Human Trafficking Alert Human Trafficking Alert

We have been contacted by Chapter 61 Ministries and Truckers Against Trafficking for help in the case of a human trafficking victim being held by an attorney in Nebraska.  However, the attorney is not assisting in the case . . . the attorney is the trafficker.

Here is what we have been told:

The women’s daughter has been trafficked for 7 years. She has located her daughter in Omaha, Nebraska and desperately wants to rescue her and yet despite talking with hundreds of agencies and organizations help has eluded her. Her daughter is being held by an attorney who has beaten, drugged, raped and sold her, along with other children and uses the law to keep the mother penniless and away from her daughter.

The mother has been unsuccessful in receiving the help she needs.  She has spoken with the national hotline and plans to contact the Omaha FBI. However, her attempts with local law enforcement have proven unsuccessful as of yet. They are asking for your help in any way you can give it.

The mother has followed her daughter not just around the states, but also overseas in order to rescue her and is living in a roach motel at this point still trying to save her. If you know anyone locally in Omaha, particularly a police officer, or other law enforcement or know of a great anti-trafficking organization, or a civil or government attorney there that could help, please contact Chapter 61 Ministries so they can get this information to the mother.

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